Date and Venue

16-20 April 2018, University of Western Macedonia, Florina, Greece


Integration of additional approaches


The 3rd International Conference on Values and Knowledge Education (VaKE) and beyond is part of an international initiative to promote Values and Knowledge Education world-wide.
The conference will cover all aspects of using VaKE in different levels of education, including professional learning and life-long learning.
The conference aims to promote the development of VaKE method, to provide a forum for education on values education, to expose students on the latest VaKE developments, and to encourage the study and integration of values in knowledge education.
The conference will also aim to stimulate critical debate on theories, approaches, principles and applications of values education among educators, researchers, practitioners and policy makers.
In the last few years, there were several attempts to enrich VaKE with other approaches. To mention are, among others: combining VaKE with other teaching approaches (e.g., autonomous learning; problem-based learning; team-based learning, ect.), using VaKE in new contexts (e.g., language learning, intercultural learning, theory-practice-transfer; etc.), analysis of VaKE with different theoretical backgrounds (transdisciplinarity – see the keynote; assimilation and accommodation vs. conceptual change; etc.), relating VaKE with action, etc. These developments show how VaKE develops further and open new fields. Experiences with these developments will be exchanged and their viabilities will be discussed in the well-established VaKE modes.


University of Western Macedonia (https://uowm.gr/)

AVaKE (http://blog.vake.sbg.ac.at/avake-association-for-values-and-knowledge-education/)

Department Of Primary Education (https://eled.uowm.gr/)

Postgraduate Program on Educational Sciences (http://masteredu.eled.uowm.gr)